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Barricades Basic Set




The Barricades are designed to give your Space Marines Earth Forces the ultimate temporary fortification! Build simple concrete Barricades or go all out and design a complete base! Anything is possible with these easy-to-assemble modules. Most modules are buildable in under five minutes without any fuss. So, within the first hour, you could have half a base completed.

Three textures available: green camouflage, desert camouflage and plain concrete. Also included is the "Vanilla (untextured) Sheet", so that you can easily recolor the models yourself.
NEW! Added the same Set in a different format so that you can cut the layout by a Cutting Machine (gsd files).
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This Set was specifically designed for 1" grid games: they will go easy with 28-30mm miniatures like Warhammer 40k or other tabletop games! The modules designs are strong enough to sustain metal figures (but heavy cardstock is suggested).

Simplicity and quality are key to all of Paper Make IT ! tabletop gaming models and this is no exception!

Be on the lookout for more easy but stunning work from Paper Make IT !

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