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Following the Barricades Set, this Platforms Set is the perfect companion for you sci-fi layouts.

You will be able to create your personal layout thanks to 108 different tiles with anti-slip floor and warning lines differently located.

Tiles are formed in 1" grid squares, in 300dpi resolution, including corridors and rooms from 1x1 to 4x4 and every combination between them. Adding each tile with proper lines you can achieve whatever layout your imagination can create. They will go easily with 28-30mm miniatures like Warhammer 40k, Space Hulk or other tabletop games! The module designs are strong enough to sustain metal figures (but heavy cardstock is suggested).

The provided vertical supports let you generate platforms at up to 3" in height for a more involved action.

Platforms and Barricades Sets can be assembled all together for an enhanced experience and a more versatile layout.

Also included is the "Vanilla (untextured) Sheet", so that you can easily recolor the models yourself.

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Simplicity and quality are key to all of Paper Make IT ! tabletop gaming models and this is no exception!

Be on the lookout for more easy but stunning work from Paper Make IT !


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