What you can do with this tool and your own Projects created with it

Purchasing this product you accept the present License Agreement.

Shuffler is a software copyrighted by Paper Make iT !
It offers images, textures and special effects (FX). Images and textures can be used for personal use only, while FX can be used in commercial activity.

Personal use includes:
Making security copies of this software.
Running Shuffler on multiple personal machines.
Saving uncounted smp personal source files.

Special use granted:
Users can freely share their own Projects (smp source files, images or PDFs format) by simply sending them by email or by any other convenient digital support but not hosting them on Internet public servers. Paper Make iT ! offers free hosting service for sharing purposes.

Commercial use granted:
Using the User Images Plug In to import own images, there are no limits for Commercial uses. All commands and FX can be used freely. Only the use of the internal library images need a specific commercial agreemement.

Any activities other than those listed before, must be explicitly licensed by Paper Make iT !

Commercial use that needs an explicit License:
Selling or freely sharing copies of this software.
Selling or freely sharing commercial smp source files (commercial smp source files are those purchased by others and not create by users).
Selling images or PDFs of Maps created with this software using the internal library images.
Selling or freely sharing whole or part of the internal Code of this software.
Selling or freely sharing single images or textures included in this software.
Selling products that contain commercial works or part of commercial works created with this software.

For any questions you are invited to get in contact with the Author at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

General Software issues
Given that this tool is a Software and it needs several requirements to operate, customers are invited to test locally the Demo version in advance, before purchasing the product. Minimum system requirement are the same as requested by Flash® Player 10 or later. There isn’t any refund for running faults.
Paper Make iT ! cannot be responsible for damages or data loss on your local machine. A backup procedure is always a best practice for computer users.
Flash® and Adobe® are Copyright of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Paper Make iT ! Copyright ©


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