Shuffler offers a wide variety of layer switchers:
Neutral Light and Darkness is the main FX in Shuffler, a must have to increase map depth. This dark veil, gradually broken by neutral lights, prevents you to select every Elements placed under it. You have thus to switch off this layer before proceeding.

Coloured Lights FX follows the previous one as importance. This FX creates unique environments giving the right colour to the scene. The huge halo is imposed over all of the Elements under it, and needs to be switched off before any selections can be made.

Fog is a less common FX. Nevertheless occupies all the available canvas and voids any Element selection. To be switched on/off when present.

Water is another rare FX, but definitely a more complex and cool one. Every Element below the water becomes distorted like in a real water pool. Unlikely, those Elements need this FX switched on/off to be selected.

Grunge effect is a diffuse noise spread over the body of the Model and all of its logos and objects. Given its image nature, a grunge effect prevents you from selecting Elements lying underneath it.

Hexagonal Grid is the state of the art in generating a hexagonal grid map. When turned on, this layer offers the ability to generate a fully customizable grid. You can switch this layer on or off, preserving all settings in memory, as to have a clear view of your current map.

Square Grid is the latest boostering FX implement in Shuffler. This ultimate feature let you manipolate the square grid of your map with dozen variables and using images from the internal library or from a personal User folder to draw the lines. Like for Hexagonal Grid feature, all settings remain in memory when turned off and again on.

Edit Menu activates a graphic Menu where all Key commands are controlled by buttons.


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