With this feature you can save the current Project in your local machine.

When pressing the Save button a dialogue window will pop up and you will be able to save the source file to your local machine.

The system automatically suggests a generic name that you can change with a more useful one. A Project must always be saved in smp format extension: each file name must end with .smp, otherwise it will not be recognized by the Load function. If you fail to follow this name rule, you can simply rename the file from YourName.txt to YourName.smp .

Remember! Save your Project source typing .smp after the file name!

Files can be saved everywhere in your local machine.

It is a good habit to save your work in progress often in case something should go wrong like a system failure or a unwanted given command (remember there isn’t a backward function in this tool), you can simply restore it from your last save point. It is highly recommended to save the Project using a progressive number, giving you the option to restore it to a different working phase (this also is to prevent failures while saving with possible file damage).

Here is an example:



A fast way to proceed when saving is selecting a previously saved file and changing its progressive number before definitely saving it.

The system helps in this task adding the current time to the file name as in this example:



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