With this feature you can load a previously saved Project and continue to work on it adding, removing or modifying every single Element included.

When pressing the Load button, a dialogue window will pop up and you will be able to look in your local machine for any compatible file to be loaded into the tool.

Compatible files can be filtered by smp (Shuffler MaP) format extension.

Each smp file takes only few Kbytes, making Maps sharing an easy and fast task. Instead of uploading/downloading several Mbytes image files (a 300dpi 7”x10” full map requires almost 3Mbytes) you can send your smp source file. Moreover all sharing users are eligible to customize the Project with no technical limits (see License Agreement for more details).

Before loading a new smp file, you can cancel every previously placed Map and start again a new Project, or load a new Map while other Maps are still present on the canvas, joining them in a single Project.


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