Watch Tower

Watch Tower
Watch Tower



This Watch Tower lets you build a safe place for guards or snipers.

The box has a removable roof and its height can be reduced to fit the real eye height of your miniatures, while the tower height can be resized using one of the three different pillars available: 2", 3" and 4" long.

The Watch Tower is provided with a 4" ladder and an Air Conditioning compressor to be placed externally of the box.

Dimensions: height=up to 5.75", box base=2"x2"

This model is designed in 300dpi with high quality textures and scaled to fit with 28-30mm miniatures like Warhammer 40k, Space Hulk or other tabletop games, but it is easily resized to be used with different scales. The module designs are strong enough to sustain metal figures (but heavy cardstock is suggested).

Also included is the "Vanilla (untextured) Sheet", so that you can easily recolor this model yourself. Join our Affiliate Program if you want to sell your modifications!

Simplicity and quality are key to all of Paper Make IT ! tabletop gaming models and this is no exception! Be on the lookout for more easy but stunning work from Paper Make IT !

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